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In the fast-paced world of online business, your website isn't just a part of your strategy; it's the cornerstone of your success. With PERC Elite eCommerce & WordPress Hosting, we've elevated the game for high-traffic websites, eCommerce platforms, and sophisticated WordPress sites that demand more than the ordinary.

Why PERC Elite Stands Out:

Robust Performance Upgrades:
Experience unparalleled site speed and responsiveness with 8 GB RAM per site, 4 CPU Cores, and 8 PHP Workers per site. These enhancements, a significant leap from our already impressive standard package, ensure your website handles traffic spikes and complex processes effortlessly.

Expanded Storage Capacity:
With an increase to 25 GB of storage, manage more content, larger databases, and extensive catalogs without ever worrying about running out of space.

Daily Plugin Updates:
Keeping your site secure and functional is our priority. Daily plugin updates mean your site will always run the latest software, reducing security risks and compatibility issues.

Enhanced Support and SLA:
High-priority ticket response within 24 working hours underlines our commitment to your business continuity. Prompt, expert support ensures minimal downtime and rapid resolution of any issues.

All-Inclusive Security and Reliability:
Enjoy peace of mind with daily backups, free malware removal, Incapsula DDoS Protection, and a 99.95% Uptime Guarantee, all working together to protect and stabilize your online presence.

Seamless User Experience:
The inclusion of an SSL certificate and the XDC performance high-speed CDN not only secures your site but also ensures that visitors enjoy a smooth, fast browsing experience.

Tailored for High-End Needs: Specifically designed for eCommerce and high-end WordPress sites, PERC Elite addresses the unique challenges and demands of businesses aiming for the top.

PERC Elite eCommerce & WordPress Hosting is not just hosting; it's a strategic partnership for businesses who won't settle for less than the best. It's an investment in reliability, speed, and superior technical support, ensuring your website is a powerful asset driving your business forward.

Elevate Your Website with PERC Elite
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Elite eCommerce & WordPress Hosting on WPX Performance Hosting
- Daily Backups - Stored for 28 days
- Daily Malware Scans
- Free Malware Removal
- Incapsula DDoS Protection
- XDC performance high-speed CDN
- Included SSL Certificate
- 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
- M-F Daily Plugin Updates
- 9-5 M-F Support via Email/Helpdesk Ticket with 24 business hour SLA
- Limited Site Content Updates (up to 60 mins per month)
- Up to 25 GB of storage
- Unlimited Bandwidth

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